Outdoor adventures start with simple waivers
Smartwaiver Team 08/12/2020

Outdoor adventures start with simple waivers

As we learn more about COVID-19, it seems that – with new safety standards in place – outdoor activities like the ones your adventure company offers can be enjoyed with minimum risk. While social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer help protect participants from the virus, a new approach to waivers is also needed to protect your business from liability.

Paper and PDF waivers all lead to the same place. Physical contact and people crowding around eager to complete or submit waivers so they can take to the skies, water, trails or wherever you lead. But unless you’re into sanitizing pens or screaming at people to remain six feet apart all day, it’s time to move to a smarter digital waiver solution.

Let’s Skydive Right In

Smartwaiver makes it super easy for your customers to access and sign their waivers, and just as easy for you to implement and manage the completed forms. And you can start using smart waivers right away – no coding or complexity. We’ll even convert your outdoor activity waiver for you. In no time, you’ll go from chasing papers around the parking lot to overseeing an advanced online waiver solution.

Connectivity Shmonnectivity

If your outdoor activities happen off the beaten path, you’ll need waivers that don’t rely on internet or cellular connectivity. With Smartwaiver, you’re in luck in a couple of ways. First of all, smart waivers can be signed online before your customers even leave their homes. So they can be ready to go long before they show up.

Second, smart waivers work without connectivity. Whether you’re in the middle of a forest or atop a mountain, you can still easily and quickly collect waivers offline via an on-site kiosk.

Time Is Money

What would it mean to your business if you could spend less time collecting signatures and more time running a few more tours or groups every day? Using Smartwaiver is like found time – and money. Participants complete their waivers before they arrive or spend less time completing them on-site with our free app or on their phone with a QR code, so you can facilitate more people – which means more revenue.

There When You Need Them

We get it. Waivers can be a hassle – until you really need them. Should an incident occur and you really need that waiver, it’s the most important thing in the world. Smartwaiver helps there, too.

Digital waivers are securely stored online, making them incredibly easy to organize and find which is especially important when you’re outside in the elements. And Smartwaiver eliminates the “that’s not my signature” defense with our patent-pending photo-capture technology. Someone might be able to dispute a scribble, but pictures don’t lie.

We Play Nice

So far, Smartwaiver seems like a no-brainer, right? If only you hadn’t already invested a pretty penny in a reservation or customer-management software. Smartwaiver seamlessly integrates with popular reservations and customer-management software. In fact, we’re the perfect complement. Participants can sign up for your offering and take care of their waivers all at once online. Easy peasy.

Know More. Sell More.

Capture more from your digital waivers than release of liability. Smartwaiver makes it easy to collect and sort an abundance of data about your customers. What demographic frequents your business most? Who do you feel should be a great customer group but isn’t?

With this info, you can create effective and targeted marketing. Maybe you reward frequent visitors with special promotions or entice certain groups to try your business for the first time. How about using collected data to do a survey to learn what people liked and disliked about their experiences so you can fine-tune your business?

Take the Adventure Out of Waivers

Learn how Smartwaiver digital waivers make it simpler, safer, and more convenient for your outdoor activity participants as well as your adventure business. Start your free 30 day trial today.