The X’s and O’s of Digital Sports Waivers
Smartwaiver Team 09/02/2020

The X’s and O’s of Digital Sports Waivers

Rosters. Schedules. Pregame speeches. If you’re running a team or a league, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about distributing, collecting, scanning and filing tens, hundreds or even thousands of sports waivers. Throw COVID-19 into the mix, and that task just got a whole lot more challenging.

It’s time to blow the whistle on paper and PDF waivers. Digital sports waivers offer a simplified, centralized and paperless ernative to traditional waivers. But not just any digital sports waivers will do. Make sure the solution you select meets this checklist of must-have features that simplify your life.

1. Time Out

Please turn in your waivers. I still need waivers. If I don’t have your waivers, you can’t play. Sound familiar? With digital sports waivers, your participants can sign and submit their waivers online. No more wasting time handing out waivers, reminding people to turn them in and making sure everyone completed all the info. Which means more time on the field, court, rink or wherever you play.

2. End the Paper Chase

With traditional waivers, getting people to sign and return them is only half the battle. Then you throw them in your bag, where they get all crumpled and stained with Glacier Freeze Gatorade. And then you still have to run them to the league office. With the right digital solution, your completed youth sports waivers and adult sports waivers are submitted and stored online – in one easy-to-access centralized location. Making tracking down a specific waiver as easy as an empty-netter.

3. League-Leading Customization

Make sure your digital waiver system lets you easily customize your sports waivers to match your needs. So whether you need youth sports waivers, adult sports waivers or a way for parents/guardians to sign for minors, the right digital waiver solutions are easily tailored to fit.

4. Authentic Autographs

LeBron James. Michael Phelps. Serena Williams. All amazing athletes … who are not on your team. Then why are their signatures on your waivers? With the right digital sports league waivers, there’s no mistaking that each participant actually signs his or her own waiver. In addition to a secure digital trail that ties everyone to his or her submission, advanced digital waiver solutions include patent-pending Auto Photo Capture technology that attaches a photo of the signer to the waiver.

5. Online. Off-line. Starting line.

Looking for something that works with short-term events like tournaments and races where a percentage of participants always show up without having completed their online waivers? Smartwaiver works with or without internet access with the free Kiosk app.

6. Score More Data

Waivers should be so much more than a necessary nuisance. With Smartwaiver you can gather, store and sort a ton of useful information about your participants. You can mine this data with simple analytics and reports to create targeted marketing and make smarter decisions.

Smartwaiver for the Win

See how Smartwaiver digital waivers pad the scoresheet for digital sports league waivers. They’re simple to use and implement, highly secure and packed with features, all of which means you can stop chasing waivers and start chasing championships.

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