Fraternity and Sorority Waivers: Choosing Smartwaiver

Participating in a Greek organization comes with all sorts of risks—including injuries, illnesses, and accidents to name a few. That’s why fraternity and sorority waivers are rising in popularity to help mitigate some of those risks.

At Smartwaiver, we specialize in top-notch digital liability waivers and provide all sorts of businesses and organizations with the tools they need to protect themselves from harm. We recommend making the move from ineffective and outdated paper waivers to intuitive, manageable, and user-friendly digital alternatives for your Greek organization.

After all, better safe than sorry!


Fraternity and Sorority Waiver Features

Our fraternity and sorority waivers are a top-of-the-line solution for Greek organizations or chapters looking to protect themselves from all sorts of liabilities. Specifically, the Smartwaiver platform is:

  • Affordable

    Our Smartwaiver pricing depends on the number of waivers you’ll need to be signed. Still, our prices are affordable for any size organizations, from national organizations to single chapters, starting at only $15/month. And to get started, we offer a 30-day free trial—no credit card required.
  • User-Friendly

    Our fraternity and sorority waiver platform emphasizes user experience for both the signer and the organizer. Your team can quickly and easily upload various waivers for users to sign, and each form can be completed by the participant in a matter of seconds. And with our intuitive waiver editor and unlimited custom questions, you’ll be able to craft the perfect waiver for your organization and get it signed in no time.
  • Hands-Free

    Due to the rise of COVID-19, businesses and organizations everywhere are starting to appreciate the value of hands-free solutions for just about everything. Your liability waivers are no different! With Smartwaiver’s digital fraternity and sorority waivers, users can easily sign their waivers from their own mobile devices using emailed or texted links or QR codes. Thus, your waivers get signed without a transfer of germs.
  • Convenient

    Waiting in line to sign a waiver is frustrating. Signing a digital waiver from your own mobile device at a time that works for you isn’t. Your users will appreciate the ability to sign their waivers at their own convenience from wherever they are. Plus, your team will never have to sift through stacks of previously signed documents again.
  • Secure

    Our Auto Photo Capture technology snaps a photo of each user while signing the waiver to further verify the participant’s identity. Then, every signed waiver is stored in a highly secure digital waiver database that can be accessed in seconds by your team but is kept hidden safely away from prying eyes.

One-Minute Overview of Our Fraternity and Sorority Waivers

Learn more about our digital fraternity and sorority waivers with this short video:


What Our Digital Waiver Customers Are Saying

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“The customer service support was fantastic. They worked with us to convert every version of our paper waivers (about 1/2 dozen) into digital format and helped to customize all the proper fields/questions. The program is super easy to use and I can't think of any ways to improve it!”

Sam R
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“Storage of paper waivers and then having to look them up is a thing of the past. Database access is decentralized so any of my staff can see the waivers by logging in. Easy to use. Customer service is outstanding. Waiver customization is simple.”

Erik S
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“Setup took almost no effort and time. I emailed Smartwaiver my current waiver and they had it converted literally 10 minutes later. The app setup takes seconds and once it's set up, it's really simple and clear to clients. Follow-up support issues have been handled quickly and completely.”

Michael G

Protect your organization with fraternity and sorority waivers.