Smartwaiver's API allows you to obtain a list of participant check-ins. This is helpful if you want to know each time a customer participates in your activity.

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To find your API key, log in to your Smartwaiver account then go to:

Replace each occurrence of "APIKEY" found in this manual with the API Key found here.

First Request
Request will return the most recent check-ins (up to 20).

All results are returned as XML. Example:
<date_utc>2014-02-13 15:48:05</date_utc>

checkin_id A unique identifier for this check-in
participant_id This can be used to query the API by using: rest_participant_id

Query Options
rest_since_checkinid Only return check-ins created after the specified check-in id. Typically you'll want to use this in conjunction with rest_asc (below).
rest_asc By default the newest check-in is shown first. If you add rest_asc the oldest will be shown first.