List of your Waiver Types
Smartwaiver’s API allows you to obtain a list of your waiver types. This is helpful if you want to create a dropdown menu that links to all of your types of waivers and stays in sync with your Smartwaiver account at all times.

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To find your API key, login to your Smartwaiver account then go to:

Replace every occurrence of “APIKEY” found in this manual with the API Key found in the above link.

First Request
Request will return all of your waiver types (except waiver types that have been archived).

All results are returned as XML. Example:
<title>Demo Release of Liability</title>

guid The unique identifier for this waiver. You can use this to create kiosk ( & web ( links by replacing "GUID". GUID can be compared to waiver API calls "<wizardid>GUID</wizardid>".
title The waiver's title.

Query Options
resetapi_listofwaivertypes_showarchived Return all waiver types (regardless if they have been archived or not).