API Documentation
With Smartwaiver’s RESTful open API, you can integrate Smartwaiver with your web based CMS or local database. All participant information that is submitted on a smart waiver is accessible including: Full Name, Date of Birth, Custom Questions as well as a copy of the signed PDF.

View a complete reference documentation on the most recent release of the API: https://api.smartwaiver.com/docs/v4/

Previous versions of the API can be found here.
APIs are intended for programmers only. If you have little or no programming experience, feel free to use one of our tools below:
Create an API Key and then replace every occurrence of "APIKEY" found in this manual with the API Key.
Smartwaiver's API is a RESTful API that returns JSON.
It's possible for a waiver to have multiple participants. The JSON response for a waiver contains all the participant's information.