Sports Liability Waivers: Go Digital With Smartwaiver

Running a sports facility comes with a plethora of inherent risks. Make sure your business is covered with the best sports liability waivers possible.

That means if you’re still using paper sports facility waivers, it’s time to upgrade by making the move to digital ones. At Smartwaiver, we’re here to help simplify the transition by converting your existing waivers to a digital alternative for free.

And if you don’t already have an existing waiver—no problem! We’ll help you build one from scratch within minutes.


Smartwaiver’s Digital Sports Liability Waivers are:

  • Affordable

    Our digital sports facility waivers start at only $15/month. When you think about all the time and effort you’ll be saving, that’s an even better deal! Additionally, you can see if we’ll be a good fit by trying us out for 30 days risk-free—no credit card required.
  • User-Friendly

    It’s simple to get started with, and both your team and your customers will appreciate how easy our digital sports liability waivers are to use. Guests can sign from their own mobile devices on the go, or from an easy-to-use signing kiosk at your facility.
  • Hands-Free

    There’s no need to worry about spreading germs with our hands-free, contactless sports liability waivers. Waivers can be signed ahead of time online or via text, email, or social media. And for guests who arrive without signing, they can scan a QR code with their smartphone and sign on the spot!
  • Convenient

    Finally get rid of your drawers full of old paper waivers! With Smartwaiver, each digital sports facility waiver is stored in a highly secure vault for easy access. Any waiver can be pulled from your extensive database in seconds. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing a waiver again.
  • Secure

    Each signed Smartwaiver comes with a certificate of authenticity—meaning there’s no question about whether your waivers are genuine and legally-binding! Plus, our patent-pending Auto Photo Capture technology adds an increased layer of security to each waiver by verifying the individual’s identity as they sign.

One-Minute Overview of Our Sports Facility Waivers


What our Sports Facility Waiver Customers Have to Say:

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“Made our transition from paper waivers to digital a pretty darn doable project! Allows our customers to pre-register and save time during the check-in process. Gives us great tracking for demographics and how-they-heard, etc.”

Shelby L
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“Setup took almost no effort and time. I emailed Smartwaiver my current waiver and they had it converted literally 10 minutes later. The app setup takes seconds and once it's set up, it's really simple and clear to clients.”

Michael G
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“We love being able to point our customers straight to our custom digital waiver for them to fill out on their smartphones. Paper waivers were a real barrier to entry and now we don't have to worry about losing business because people can't print their waiver!”

Ian A