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Turn Your iPad or Android Device
into a Smartwaiver Kiosk

Streamline the Check-In Experience with the Smartwaiver App

Set up your Smartwaiver Kiosk with our free and easy-to-use app.

Use your iPad as a
Smartwaiver Kiosk.

Convert your iPad into a dedicated waiver signing station by installing our free waiver app for iPad from the iTunes App Store. When you log in to the app with your Smartwaiver username, only your smart waiver will be shown on your iPad and all signed waivers will be saved in your account.

Contact Apple® Business Sales and Support for exclusive Smartwaiver pricing on Apple products including iPads.

Disable Auto-Lock & Multitasking Gestures on your iPad so your waiver will always be on, ready for your participants to sign.

iPad stands we recommend.

Turn any iPad into a Smartwaiver Kiosk with our free app, available through iTunes.

Auto Photo Capture
photos with the Smartwaiver app

Add an extra layer of verification to your waivers by using the built-in webcam on your iPad. Simply enable the Camera option in the Smartwaiver app and photos will automatically be taken of participants while they're signing. These photos will be attached to the signed PDF copy of the waiver.

Learn More About This Waiver App Feature

Add an extra level of security to your waivers by taking photos automatically through the iPad waiver app.

Prefer to use the waiver app for Android?

You can turn your Android device into a Smartwaiver Kiosk too. Download our free waiver app for your Samsung series A and E tablets.

Do you need a waiver app for your Android tablet?

Want to learn more about Smartwaiver and the app?

Check out our Knowledge Base or Contact Us.