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We're transforming how business owners think about release of liability waivers. We convert paper waivers into interactive digital documents that can be signed online from home, and from a tablet or laptop on location. Since 2012 our robust online waiver solution has been streamlining business operations and providing the data and tools needed to make smarter business decisions. Thousands of companies around the globe trust their signed, legal documents with Smartwaiver, including: the NFL, VANS and the U.S. Naval Academy.
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Rocky is the official Smartwaiver mascot, inspired by the real-life rock chuck that frolicked outside our original office here in Bend, Oregon. We called him Rocky. For every one million smart waivers signed, we commission a painting to commemorate our furry, yellow-bellied marmot friend.

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6 million smart waivers signed
7 million smart waivers signed
From day one, our customers have defined our goals. We've never grown complacent with what we've built but rather continuously seek customer feedback so we can tweak, polish and develop features that work flawlessly.

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