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Customized Digital Waiver

Send us your existing waiver language and we'll create your first smart waiver for you

Customized Digital Waiver

Waiver Editor

Use the online Waiver Editor to customize your smart waiver with your brand's colors, logos, and fonts.

Signatures & Initials

Add multiple initial and signature boxes in the body of your waiver and instruct your participants to etiher type or draw their signature.

Auto Photo Capture

Use Smartwaiver's patent-pending Auto Photo Capture feature to automatically capture photos of participants signing your waiver.

Unlimited Waiver Templates

Create as many waiver templates as you need and display them on one Waiver Index Page.

Flagged Questions

Set up custom questions that will flag participants when a specific answer is chosen.

Safety Videos

Add a safety or instructional video to the digital waiver signing process.


Smartwaiver supports multiple languages including French, Spanish and Dutch.

Unlimited Custom Questions

Add as many custom questions as you need (e.g.: dropdowns, yes/no, checkboxes, etc.)

Parent/Guardian Relationship

Set up your waiver for Adults, Minors or Adult and Minors to sign.

Collecting Smart Waivers

It's easy to collect digital smart waivers online or on a Kiosk at your location

Collecting Smart Waivers

Embedded Waiver Widget

Allow participants to sign your waiver without ever leaving your website.

Customized Web Button

Use the Smartwaiver Button Generator to create a customized web button for your website.

Email Links

Encourage participants to sign ahead of time by adding a link to your waiver in your emails.

Waiver Kiosk

Turn your tablet into a dedicated waiver Kiosk by using the free Smartwaiver Kiosk app for either iOS or Android.

QR Code

Generate a QR code and use at your location so participants can easily find and complete your waiver on their smartphone.

Use Offline

Continue to collect smart waivers when your internet goes down.

Managing Participants & Data

Find participants in seconds and use your data to make smarter business decisions

Managing Participants and  Data

Waiver Console

Easily search for signed waivers by Last Name, Birthday or a Tag that you assign to the waiver.


Know how many participants are using your facility each day.


Add notes and comments to a participant record after the waiver has been signed.

Export Your Data

Download all of your participant data to a CSV file and download individually signed PDFs.

Expire Waiver

Set up your waivers to expire after a certain amount of time from signing or on a specific age.


Automatically send all copies of your signed smart waiver to your local hard drive.

Email Marketing

Automatically transfer participant contact information into MailChimp, Constant Contact and Emma.


Automate tasks with other popular reservation and member management systems.

Staff Users

Administrators of the account can add Staff Users and give these users varying access permissions.

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