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About Smartwaiver

Based in Bend, Oregon, Smartwaiver is the leading digital waiver management solution for companies big and small. We're a SaaS model startup that converts release of liability waivers into interactive, digital documents that can be signed online or from an onsite kiosk. Once signed, the legal documents and participant data are stored in a secure, searchable online database that can be accessed from anywhere.

Used by thousands of businesses in dozens of industries since 2012, we are fundamentally changing the way in which companies view liability waivers. Over 1,000,000 legal documents are signed each month using our software - and we've only just scratched the surface.

Some of our clients include: the NFL, VANS, U.S. Naval Academy and Westin.

What we are about

  • We're bootstrapped and profitable
  • We value self-direction and independent thinking
  • We believe that our success derives from our passion and steadfast commitment to always staying light and nimble
  • We have an open office layout and NO meetings; just results
  • We're well-rounded geeks who embrace technology to solve problems

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