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Smartwaiver + Mindbody

Seamless Digital Waiver Integration

Smartwaiver, the leading provider of digital waivers in the wellness industry, has teamed up with Mindbody to offer a seamless digital waiver integration that will save your staff time and help you avoid costly clerical errors.

With the Smartwaiver + Mindbody integration, each time a new customer completes your waiver, a new client profile is created in the Mindbody dashboard with the customer information from the signed document automatically moved into your dashboard. Discover why over 13,000 customers trust Smartwaiver with their liability waivers. Sign up for your free trial today!


*After 30 days, MBO integration requires Smartwaiver customers sign up for Starter Plan ($45/month) or higher.



Easy Activation

Simple three-step activation quickly syncs your digital smart waivers to your Mindbody account in minutes.

Collect Waivers in Minutes

Collect digital smart waivers from your website, kiosk, or mobile device on iPhone & Android. Seamlessly manage users, events, and analytics with intuitive software designed to support businesses of every size.

User Management

Automatically create user profiles in your Mindbody account using information from your signed waivers, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

"With Smartwaiver and Mindbody, I save hours entering new client profiles into my Mindbody account. The integration does all the legwork and ensures my guest information is accurate."

Tiana G., Smartwaiver User Since 2017



"As a new Smartwaiver user, this Mindbody partnership was an added bonus that only increased our satisfaction with the software. It's been a massive time saver!"

Glenn M., Smartwaiver User Since 2021




"This is the partnership I was looking for! The ability to manage my liability waivers and clients in sync? It doesn't get better than that!"


Jensen P., Smartwaiver User Since 2021


Try It Free

*After 30 days, MBO integration requires Smartwaiver customers sign up for Starter Plan ($45/month) or higher.