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Media Kit

Brand Assets & Guidelines

Smartwaiver in 140 Characters

Smartwaiver converts liability waivers into interactive digital documents eliminating the need for paper waivers and filing cabinets.


Founded in 2012 and based in Bend, Oregon, Smartwaiver is transforming the way businesses and organizations think about release of liability waivers. Customized, legally binding waivers created with Smartwaiver can be signed online, or on location from a computer, tablet or smartphone to minimize liability and enable operational efficiency.

Over 100 million digital waivers have been signed and stored in Smartwaiver's secure, searchable database, eliminating the need for paper waivers and filing cabinets.

For more information and to try it free visit www.smartwaiver.com.

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Brand Guidelines

The Smartwaiver logo is precisely proportioned. The size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype must remain intact. The logo’s shape, proportion, color and orientation must not be altered in any way. Clear space must surround the logo on all sides in such a way that no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo.

When written, Smartwaiver is a single word with an uppercase S and a lowercase W. When referring to the company name, it is always written as Smartwaiver, never as SmartWaiver nor as Smart Waiver.