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New Key Tag Check-In

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Just about everyone carries around a plastic key tag on their keychains these days. Smart businesses know that handing out these little plastic cards is a great way to foster customer loy y and promote brand awareness. Fitness gyms, yoga studios, trampoline parks are just a few examples of high volume repeat customer industries that have been using barcode key tags and barcode scanners for years. Now these businesses can use the same technology with Smartwaiver to streamline the check-in process at their front desk.

How Barcode Key Tag Scanning Works with Smartwaiver
After a customer fills out a digital release of liability waiver with Smartwaiver, the signed waiver and customer information gets sent directly to the Waiver Console. When the customer is ready to check-in to their activity, the front desk attendant gives the customer a key tag which is then scanned with a barcode scanner. This assigns a unique “Tag” to the customer and their key tag in the Smartwaiver system.

So the next time that customer comes back to play at the facility they can simply flash their key tag. The front desk attendant scans it, verifies that a signed waiver is on file in the Waiver Console and away they go.



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