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Embed Your Digital Waiver on Your Facebook Page

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If you’re one of the 15 million small business owners with a dedicated Facebook Business Page, you understand that Facebook is where your most enthusiastic fans go to engage with your brand and to see what’s new with your product. These are your superstar past and potential customers who are likely to participate in your activity in the future and therefore likely to sign your waiver. So why not save them time by adding your digital waiver where they’re hanging out online?

In a few quick steps you can add your digital waiver directly to your Facebook Page with our shiny new Smartwaiver Facebook app. Here’s how your digital waiver will  look in your Page:


So now your raving fans can complete and sign your digital waiver without ever leaving your Facebook Page. When it’s time for them to check in at your facility, all you need to do is look them up by their last name in your Waiver Console and they’re off to their activity.

Check out our Support Page to learn how to set up the Facebook app.


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