Yes, You Can Use That Old Laptop
Daryl McCarl 08/24/2016

One of the many benefits of using digital smart waivers is being able to show your customers that you're no longer operating in the past (using paper) and that you're hip to the ways of the future (going digital). Hand your customers a clipboard, paper and pen - you get funny looks and sneers. Direct them to a slick, modern, dedicated digital waiver signing station - you get approving nods and smiles (or at least not funny looks).

When you’re ready to set up your digital waiver Kiosk, Smartwaiver has a free app to use with an iPad. The app locks down the dedicated device so your customers can only access the waiver you want them to sign. Cover up the home button with a beautiful enclosure and you're all set!

But what if you don't have an iPad  device and new hardware just isn't in the budget this year? No problem. You can still use Smartwaiver as a Kiosk - simply fire up that old, trusty laptop or computer that's been collecting dust in the storage room and use your waiver in a web browser. 

Here's how:  

Each time you create a new digital smart waiver in your account, two versions of the same waiver are created: (1) Web Version and (2) Kiosk Version. The only difference between the two is:

The Web Version: (placed on your website, or as a link in your emails)

  • Requires that a participant enter an email address on each waiver

The Kiosk Version: (used at your location)

  • Does not require an email address on the waiver
  • Automatically resets the confirmation screen 15 seconds after a waiver is signed and submitted.

When you download the free app on an iPad tablet, the Kiosk Version will automatically be displayed when you log in with your Username and Password.

When you use a computer (without the app), you need to copy/paste the Kiosk Version URL into the address bar of the browser.

How to Get Your Kiosk Version URL

Because you’re not using the app, your computer will not automatically be locked down. We therefore recommend using a nifty third party Google Chrome Kiosk extension.

Get Kiosk for Chrome Extension

This extension will completely lock down your machine and actually require you to restart the computer in order to exit the waiver. The extension also disables your device’s sleep mode so the waiver will always appear on the screen.

Simply open up the extension settings and enter your Kiosk Version URL:


That's it! You now have a Smartwaiver Kiosk running on your laptop or computer.


As always, let us know if you need any help setting things up or if you have any questions at all.

Important to note: Smartwaiver's patent-pending Auto Photo Capture feature will only work when using the Kiosk app on a tablet.