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How Smartwaiver Supports Our Customers

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Smartwaiver customer support agent supporting digital liability waiver clients.

How Smartwaiver Supports You

We often say, "with Smartwaiver - you get more than a signature." But another fact remains. With Smartwaiver, you are more than a signature. After ten years in the digital waiver industry, providing top-notch, U.S., -based customer service remains our number 1 priority.  

We take pride in finding Support agents who enjoy troubleshooting as much as delighting customers.  

While we're proud of our state-of-the-art software and industry-leading features, we believe our hands-on customer service sets us apart from the competition. 

Sure, we're humble. But when you're as passionate as we are, it warrants a small amount of horn-tooting. And when a customer shares glowing feedback about our Support team, we take it to heart. 

See one of our recent reviews below. 

"I would like to say that both on a personal note and as a company, we work with many large companies and services. I am very impressed with both the prompt responses and the personal human element of your replies. Please pass this on to your supervisor, and so on to the very top. 

Prompt response time, quality of response, the accuracy of response, and follow-up were simply excellent. I remember a time when that was the norm and appreciate a company that works to continue that.  


Wrapping Up 

Whether you're a new or longtime Smartwaiver user, we're proud to serve you. If you're here to learn more, visit our Features page to see everything Smartwaiver has to offer. Then, put us to the test and see for yourself what makes us the best with a free trial.  

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