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Benefits of the Waiver Console App

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digital liability waivers on your iphone, ipad, or android device.

If you're a Smartwaiver user, you already know the Waiver Console is the command center for your signed waivers. But did you know that you have access to the same great features on the go with the Waiver Console app? Like the desktop version, the Waiver Console app allows you to view, search, and categorize your signed documents, as well as analyze participant data. One key feature? You can do it all from your mobile device. 

For business owners and front desk managers, this means you have access to all your favorite Smartwaiver tools and data, no matter where you are. Learn more about the Waiver Console App in the guide below.

4 Benefits of the Waiver Console App

  1. Access on Your Favorite Devices - When it comes to tech, there are iPhone users and there are Android users. To cater to each, the Waiver Console app is available on both iOS and Android, so you never have to compromise. 
  2. Convenient Check-in Tool - When a guest signs a waiver on arrival, they're automatically checked in. But what about those who sign before they come? The check-in tool makes it easy to quickly check-in guests who pre-signed as they arrive, so you know how many participants you have on a daily basis. 
  3. Manage Waivers in Real-Time - Want to know when a waiver is signed and submitted? The Waiver Console app allows you to enable push notifications on your iPad, iPhone or Android device so you can track and manage your signed waivers in real-time. 
  4. It's Free - We want you to get the most out of Smartwaiver. That's why we've made our proprietary Waiver Kiosk and Console Apps free for Smartwaiver users.

Wrapping Up

Take advantage of all that Smartwaiver has to offer by downloading the Waiver Console app in the Apple App Store and Google Play shop. If you're not already a Smartwaiver user, what are you waiting for? Give us a try FREE and see for yourself why thousands of businesses trust Smartwaiver with their digital liability waivers. 

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