Smartwaiver API V3 Released
Daryl McCarl 02/27/2014

Note: Smartwaiver API v4.0 is now available - 1/24/17

Version 3 will be deprecated in early 2018!

Since introducing our full featured, easy to use REST API last summer, we’ve been thrilled to see how our customers are unlocking the data collected from their digital waivers. For the non programmer reading this, API  stands for Application Programming Interface - a set of rules that allows programmers to integrate web-based software, like Smartwaiver, with other applications your business might already be using, such as customer management and database systems.

Today we’re excited to announce that version 3 of our API is now available!

Here’s what we’ve added to the latest version - and not to worry, previous versions of the Smartwaiver API are still supported:

  • A new check-in API call which lets you import check-in information.
  • Ability to create as many Smartwaiver API keys as you like so you can enable and disable one or all at the same time. Useful for multiple integrations.
  • Webhooks now has an option for waivers that are completed online (not at your facility). Webhooks can now be fired either after the participant signs or after their email address is validated.

If all of this talk of APIs and integration is gibberish to you, be sure to forward the news on to your programmer so your business can take full advantage of the latest version.

If you have any questions or feedback about our API, please contact us. We love hearing how customers are integrating with Smartwaiver.

A full list of API calls and more details can be found on our API documentation page.