The Value of a Smartwaiver Integration
Daryl McCarl 03/13/2015

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our users is: “We love using Smartwaiver, but we would love it even more if it were integrated with our CRM.”  

Well, we would love it if Smartwaiver were integrated with your CRM too! That’s why we developed an extensive API; a set of code rules that programmers can use to create a direct integration between Smartwaiver and other web-based software programs. 

Several software companies have done some pretty great things with the Smartwaiver API, like:

  • Automatically creating new customer records in their CRM after the waiver is signed
  • Automatically transfering photos taken from Auto Photo Capture 
  • Importing Smartwaiver Check-in information into their CRM

Our friends over at Burble Software, a dropzone management solution for skydiving facilities, have been using Smartwaiver’s API and webhooks to streamline the online reservation process for both jumpers and businesses.  

The set up for the business couldn't be easier. Dropzones need to simply copy the unique API key from their Smartwaiver account and paste it into their Burble account settings.

Once the two are set up to talk to each other, the information from Smartwaiver is immediately sent to Burble after a waiver is signed and then attached to a current or future reservation. The dropzone can then view the status of the jumper’s waiver in their Burble account.

The integration provides a seamless experience for the customer signing the waiver and makes it easier for the staff to keep track of the waiver in their reservation system. 

You Too Can Have a Direct Integration
If you use a web-based CRM or POS that you think could be enhanced with a direct Smartwaiver integration, take a couple minutes to contact your software company. Email, call, tweet, post your request and simply let them know that having your smart waivers directly integrated with their software would make your life a whole lot better. Feel free to copy and paste the language below.

"Hi.  Our company uses Smartwaiver for online digital waivers. It would greatly benefit our company to see a direct integration between you and Smartwaiver.  Please contact Smartwaiver at to get an integration started."

If you are a software company wanting to use our RESTful API and need some help setting it up, shoot us an email to let us know. We’re happy to help in any way we can.