Smartwaiver Integrates with FareHarbor
Daryl McCarl 09/02/2015

We’re happy to announce that Smartwaiver is now integrated with FareHarbor, a popular online booking solution for tour and activity companies. If you’re a FareHarbor client your customers will now be able to sign your smart waiver as part of the online booking process. On the backend, your team will be able to track and manage your signed waivers within your FareHarbor account.

The Customer’s View
Immediately after a customer books an activity online they will receive a confirmation email that directs them to sign the waiver as a next step in the booking process.

Once signed, the document is automatically added to the customer’s booking invoice.

Your View
On the FareHarbor manifest you will be able to see whether the waiver has been signed or not, as well as the number of people listed on the participant’s waiver. You will also have the option of opening the signed document as a PDF or view it in the Smartwaiver Waiver Console.

Give it a Try!
Linking your Smartwaiver and FareHarbor account takes just a few minutes. Head on over to the FareHarbor Support page for more information.