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A More Efficient Check-In Process

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Mobile 2D barcodes can now be used with Smartwaiver! This is the same technology that allows passengers to check-in to their flights at the airport with a smartphone.  If your business sees a high volume of customers at the front desk, the use of Smartwaiver’s 2D barcode feature can save you loads of time and can provide your customers with a much more pleasant check-in experience.

It’s simple to set up and use:
After you enable the feature in the Smartwaiver Waiver Wizard, participants that complete your digital waiver online will receive an email confirmation with an embedded 2D barcode image. When the participant arrives at your location on the day of the activity they simply show the front desk attendant the email on their smartphone. The attendant then scans the barcode with a 2D Barcode Imager and the participant’s name and signed waiver instantly appear in the Waiver Console.

To learn more:
How do I enable this feature?
Which 2D Barcode Imager should I use?


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