Xola Integrates with Smartwaiver
Daryl McCarl 02/01/2016

We’re excited to announce that Xola, a simple-to-use booking and marketing software for tour and activity businesses, is now integrated with Smartwaiver! This is exciting news for Xola customers who have been wanting to link their digital smart waivers with Xola bookings. The talented team over at Xola worked with our open API to create an integration that is sure to save small business owners a ton of time and frustration.

How it Looks
After you link your Smartwaiver account to Xola you can then link a specifc waiver URL to a Xola listing.  When a customer books an activity or tour, they will immediately be asked to complete their smart waiver  on the confirmation page. They will also be prompted to complete their waiver within the confirmation email and on reminder emails.

The waiver can also be attached to a specific booking, so if there are multiple participants on the same boooking, the organizing customer can easily forward the confirmation email to other members in their party and their signed waivers will automatically link to the same booking in Xola.


After the Waiver is Signed
Once signed, you can view completed copies of waiver directly within your Xola account. And of course you will always have the option of opening the signed document in your Smartwaiver Waiver Console.


Try it Out!
Linking your Xola and Smartwaiver account is super simple. Check out the Xola Digital Waiver Support Pages for more information.

Read Xola's Press Release about the integration.