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Digital Waivers for Events

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digital waivers for events

Why Choose Smartwaiver for Your Next Event

It's the holiday season [the holiday season]

So, hoop-de-do and Dickory dock

And don't forget to... sign your liability waiver?

You heard right. While the winter holidays are a time of fun, family, and festivities, they also come with their share of liability concerns. 

Everything from holiday events to winter sports presents the opportunity for risk. But if your business doesn't typically require liability waivers, why would you buy software you only need for a few weeks?

That's where Smartwaiver comes in. Smartwaiver offers special events pricing for various business needs, including short-term seasonal activities, corporate gatherings, holiday carnivals, photoshoots, sporting events, and so much more. 

How Does it Work?

With Smartwaiver events pricing, you only pay for what you need. No contracts or lengthy onboarding process. Once you create an account, convert your existing waiver language into a digital smart waiver in minutes with our easy-to-use Waiver Editor. 

Publish your waiver to the web and share it however you like. Whether you send a link to participants via email, SMS text message, social media, or your website, guests can access your documents anywhere, anytime, and sign at their own convenience. You can also download the free Smartwaiver Kiosk app, which allows you to turn your tablet into a mobile signing station at your event.

After your event, you can search, sort, and organize your signatures in the Smartwaiver Waiver Console, then download your data to a CSV file and save it directly to your hard drive or preferred storage location.

Smartwaiver also offers affordable storage plans, which allow you to store your signed waivers in our highly secure WaiverVault without paying for a service plan. When you're ready to accept signed waivers again, you can switch back to a service plan at your convenience.

Why Choose Digital Waivers

In the digital age, paper waivers have taken a backseat to more streamlined offerings that simplify the waiver signing process for your guests and staff. Not only do digital liability waivers make it easier to collect and store signatures, but for short-term usage, they provide a host of benefits you may not have considered. 

Organization - Liability waivers for one-time events are necessary but not always convenient. And storing them for a year or more afterward may cause confusion. Especially if you're hosting additional events throughout the year. Digital waivers live in the cloud, where you can search, sort, and download your waiver data for long-term storage and safekeeping.

Convenience - Unlike paper waivers that live in a single, physical location, digital smart waivers make signing a breeze. Guests can sign your documents in advance by email, text message, or directly from your website, keeping lines low at check-in and streamlining admission to your event. The free Smartwaiver Kiosk app is available to all Smartwaiver users - even for short-term events, allowing you to turn your tablet into a mobile signing device on-location.

Security - Paper waivers can be lost, damaged, or altered, making them a liability for your organization. With Smartwaiver, your digital waivers are stored in our highly secure WaiverVault™, which uses the same encryption algorithm adopted by the US government for protecting top-secret documents. 

What's Included?

Like all of our service plans, event and short-term use plans include every Smartwaiver feature, meaning you never have to pay more to enjoy premium features.

Smartwaiver supplies features that expedite check-in and enhance security, including:

  • Customizable templates
  • Proprietary apps for iOS & Android that allow you to turn your tablet into a mobile signing kiosk
  • Share your waiver via email, SMS, QR Code, Social Media, or your website for maximum signature collection
  • Offline mode, allowing you to collect signatures without an internet connection
  • Auto photo capture for added identity verification
  • File attach appends documents, such as proof of vaccination, ID, or other pertinent information, to your signed waiver
  • Dedicated access to our U.S.-based support team
  • And more!

Wrapping Up

At Smartwaiver, our goal is to simplify the waiver signing process for businesses and events of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're hosting a one-day conference or a month-long holiday festival, we have the tools to make your event a success. 

As the leader in digital liability waivers, Smartwaiver is the only dedicated digital waiver solution with a reputation for reliably managing short-term events and activities.  

See for yourself what makes us great by signing up for a free trial

Ready to talk numbers? Get in touch with a member of our sales team for a pricing quote to meet your unique needs.

Join us for Smartwaiver - 101. 

Learn how Smartwaiver can benefit your conference, corporate gathering, sporting event or short-term seasonal activities at our upcoming webinar. 

Join Smartwaiver Sales Director Jim Edwards on December 7, 2022, at 10:00 am (PST) for Smartwaiver 101 - A virtual guided product tour of the Smartwaiver software. We'll cover the basics, like setting up your first waiver, collecting digital signatures, and provide a live Q&A to ensure you walk away with answers to all of your questions. 

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