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How to Share Waivers at a Conference or Tradeshow

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Guests at a trade show sign digital liability waivers for events.

3 Ways to Share Your Digital Event Waiver

With the return of spring, event organizers worldwide are beginning preparations for the upcoming conference season. With trade shows, conventions, and corporate events on the horizon, planning ahead for an influx of guests - and the risk they present - is an excellent way to ensure your organization is ahead of the curve.

As event organizers, the safety and well-being of your attendees is top priority. But it's equally important to ensure your organization is protected from liability. 

As traditional paper waivers become a thing of the past, more organizers are turning to digital liability waivers for events to help streamline and improve the attendee experience. But with hundreds or even thousands of guests in attendance, how can you ensure you get the signature each time? 

Read on to explore three ways to share digital waivers at your next event.

How to Maximize Signatures at Large Events

  1. Pre-Event Email - Before the event, send an email to your attendees, including a link to your waiver and instructions on how to sign it. Make sure the email is clear and concise so guests understand what they need to do and why. It's also a good idea to follow up with a reminder email as you get closer to the date of your event. 
  2. QR Code - Since the pandemic, QR codes have become increasingly popular - especially at large events where touch-free options are a safety benefit for your guests. Smartwaiver makes it easy to generate a unique QR code that links directly to your waiver. Once generated, you may print the code on flyers or posters and hang them around your event space. Attendees can scan the code with their smartphones and sign their waiver on the spot. 
  3. Signing Kiosks - Turn your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile signing station. The setup is simple: all you need is the free Smartwaiver Kiosk app, a compatible tablet (iPad or Android), and an optional enclosure. This option is especially useful if attendees don’t have access to a smartphone or if they prefer a physical device to sign the waiver. Make sure the kiosks or tablets are easily accessible in your event space and that there are clear instructions on how to use them.

Wrapping Up

Conventions, trade shows, and corporate events are an excellent way to raise awareness of your organization, make important business contacts, and potentially generate new leads. By using digital liability waiver software, you can make the process of signing waivers easy and hassle-free for your business and your guests.  

The best part? Digital waivers for events are also affordable. With Smartwaiver events pricing, you only pay for what you need. No contracts or lengthy onboarding process. After your event, you can search, sort, and organize your signatures in the Smartwaiver Waiver Console, then download your data to a CSV file and save it directly to your hard drive or preferred storage location. 

As the leader in digital liability waivers, Smartwaiver is the only dedicated digital waiver solution with a reputation for reliably managing short-term events and activities.  

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