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How Digital Liability Waivers Benefits Spas & Salons

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Digital Liability Waivers for Salon & Spa

We've all heard the adage, "beauty is pain." And while tweezing your eyebrows may be uncomfortable, it doesn't always equate to a lawsuit. Unfortunately, in our litigious society, real risks often present themselves within the beauty industry. Anything from an infection after a manicure to an allergic reaction caused by a chemical treatment may result in complaints that can cost you money if you're not taking steps to protect your business. 

While liability protection is essential, it's not always easy to get the ever-important signature. After all, asking your clients to waive their rights before a beauty treatment serves as a reminder of risk that may be off-putting. 

So how can you protect your organization while providing high-quality customer service? Consider the guide below.

3 Ways to Streamline the Waiver Signing Process in the Beauty Industry

1. Use Concise Language

While it's true that a liability waiver is only as effective as the language used within it, that doesn't mean it has to be overstuffed with legal jargon. Concise waiver language is not only easier for your guests to understand but faster to read and sign. This ensures your guests are spending less time managing legal documents and more time enjoying their treatments. The key to ensuring your salon or spa liability waiver is enforceable is to use clear and unambiguous language. Work with an attorney or insurance agent to draft a waiver that releases you from liability against accidents or injuries, including inherent and unknown risks. Ensure your waiver language adheres to both state and local laws and that your language doesn't violate any state or local policies.

2. Ask Clients to Pre-Sign

Whether you own a salon or spa, handing your guests a waiver to sign can be uncomfortable. Your guests arrive ready for relaxation, and instead, they're presented with legal documents. Avoid an awkward situation by providing convenient pre-signing options that allow your guests to complete their waivers before their appointment. Your options might include a text waiver or email that arrives after they book their appointment or a few days before their services. You might also include a button or a link to your waiver on your website to make it easier for guests to complete at their convenience before obtaining your services. This is also convenient for repeat customers, as you won't have to ask them to sign a new release each time they visit. 

3. Use QR Codes

In a tech-based world, it's easier than ever to expedite the check-in process. While digital waivers generally rely on a central kiosk using a tablet or computer, QR (Quick Response) codes make it easier and faster for guests to sign their releases from their mobile phones without a primary waiver signing station. Using a QR code generator, guests can scan your unique code on their phones, which will open your waiver directly on their device. This will allow them to quickly sign their waiver before their service or while soaking their feet in the pedicure tub. 

Wrapping Up

If convenience is king in the service industry, it's even more so when it comes to beauty. Guests arrive at the spa or salon looking for a respite from the daily grind and a chance to shut off their minds and feel pampered. By taking a few extra steps to streamline your liability waivers, you can ensure your guests' satisfaction is your top priority while protecting your organization from liability. 

At Smartwaiver, we provide convenient, highly secure software designed to take the guesswork out of your salon or spa liability waivers. Contact us today to learn how our digital waivers can benefit your business. Or start collecting waivers in minutes today with our free trial. 

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