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100 Million Waivers Signed!

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Smartwaiver Celebrates 100 Million Waivers Signed!

In 2012, we set out on a mission to answer a question that nobody else was asking. How do you bring liability waivers into the 21st Century? 

With a dedication to efficiency and security, our customer-centric team of engineers and legal experts developed the technology to help organizations streamline their operations while protecting their business.

Today, we're proud to recognize the over 12,000 organizations in 100+ industries who have helped us reach a monumental milestone; 100 million waivers signed!

How Big is 100 Million?


What Makes Smartwaiver The Best?

  • Smartwaiver helps you create customizable and legally binding digital liability waivers in minutes using our secure, proprietary software. 
  • With dedicated, U.S.-based customer support, our skilled account managers are ready to help you digitize your waiver signing process.
  • We take the privacy and security of your customer’s data seriously with a redundant and encrypted data storage system and Smartwaiver’s own Certificate of Authenticity on every signed document. 
  • With technical integrations and enterprise-level solutions, Smartwaiver understands the unique needs of larger organizations and franchises.   

Interested in what Smartwaiver has to offer? Try it yourself, risk-free. 

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