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New Waiver Console

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We’re excited to share that a new and improved Waiver Console is here! This week, all new Smartwaiver accounts will be using the new Console with an updated look and added functionality. Existing customers have the option of using the new Console by clicking on the “Use New Console” pop up button when they log in to their account.

What’s New?

We’ve always described the Console as the Smartwaiver “command center” for your signed waivers. In the Console you can view, search and categorize your signed documents and analyze your participant data.

With the new Console, all of these functions have been vastly improved.


New Look

We’ve modernized the look of the Waiver Console with cleaner lines and updated icons, making for a more intuitive user experience.


New Waiver Console

New Ways to Search

In addition to Last Name and DOB, you can now search for a waiver/participant by: First Name, Tags, Email Address or ALL of the above.


New Waiver Console

You can also now filter your results by when a waiver was signed.

New Waiver Console

New Analytics

In addition to Smart Trends, the new Waiver Console now has an Analytics tool that allows you to analyze the number of Waivers, Participants and Check-ins over a specified time.



You can choose a pre-selected date range (This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year and Last Year) or you can enter a custom date range and then compare that data to either the previous period (e.g.; the previous week) or you can compare year over year data.

New Waiver Console

Each sets of data can be filtered by a specific waiver template.

Text Your Waiver Link

Finally, we’ve added the ability to send a waiver to your participants via text message! Simply click on the new Send Your Waiver icon in the sidebar, choose your smart waiver and enter the participant’s phone number.


New Waiver Console

In the coming weeks, we’ll move everyone over to the new Console, but again, all existing customers can start using it at any time.

We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality. As always, all improvements and new features are developed as a direct result from customer feedback - so please keep the feedback coming, and let us know what you think.


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