Posted on April, 15 2014

Great news for all of those using the Waiver Console app to manage their digital waivers. We just released an update to the app that allows waiver Notifications to be sent to your mobile device. With Notifications enabled, you’ll receive a pop-up message on your iOS or Android device that alerts you each time a participant signs and submits your waiver.

The new version of the app is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Learn how to set up Notifications

     Smartwaiver Waiver Console on Google Play  

Posted on March, 28 2014

We just released two exciting new updates to our extensive API (Application Programming Interface). If you have a developer that can help set up your API integration, be sure to pass along the news!

API Images
You can now import all of the images associated with your waiver into your 3rd party software. For businesses that take pictures of their participants and add them to a customer record in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Point-of-Sale (POS) system, this feature can save you and your customers a significant amount of time. With API Images implemented, instead of asking your customers to stand back and smile while you fiddle with your webcam, you can simply turn on Auto Photo Capture and the pictures taken when the waiver is being signed can be imported directly to your CRM or POS and attached to the correct customer record.

API Images

Learn How to Set it Up

Nobody likes to fill out stuff online twice. Really, nobody! With this latest Auto-Fill API update you can now pre-populate individual waivers based on the information a customer submits online to your CRM or POS.

One of the best examples of how this can be used is during the online registration process. Let’s say you have an activity registration form on your website. When a customer fills out their information and submits that form online, the information provided (Name, Address, Email, etc.) is “passed” to Smartwaiver. The customer receives confirmation that their registration has been received and is then asked to complete their digital waiver. The fields on their waiver are pre-populated so all the customer needs to do is review the waiver language and sign!

API Auto-Fill

Learn How to Set it Up


Posted on March, 20 2014

Since introducing our Flag feature, customers have loved being able to know which participants might need some extra attention before they check in to their activity. A number of you have asked for a way in which to add notes or "flag" a participant after they sign the waiver too. With our latest release we’ve added two new features that allow you to do just that.

With Notes you can now add comments next to a participant's name in your Waiver Console. This is handy for front line staff checking in a customer who has already signed your digital waiver. In Notes you can add reminders about special needs the participant may have for their next visit or maybe just give your co-worker a head’s up about the participant’s status, e.g.,  “Participant is the boss’ cousin. Be extra nice!”

Smartwaiver Notes

Custom Flag
Like Notes, the new Custom Flag feature is an easy way to bring special attention to a participant after they sign your waiver. So if you discover something about the participant that’s worth "flagging" after they check-in (e.g., passing a certification test) you can simply click on the blue flag icon which will then appear next to their name in your Waiver Console.

Smartwaiver Flag

Support Pages
Learn more about Notes 
Learn more about Custom Flag

Posted on March, 5 2014

If you’re one of the 15 million small business owners with a dedicated Facebook Business Page, you understand that Facebook is where your most enthusiastic fans go to engage with your brand and to see what’s new with your product. These are your superstar past and potential customers who are likely to participate in your activity in the future and therefore likely to sign your waiver. So why not save them time by adding your digital waiver where they’re hanging out online?

In a few quick steps you can add your digital waiver directly to your Facebook Page with our shiny new Smartwaiver Facebook app. Here’s how your digital waiver will  look in your Page:

So now your raving fans can complete and sign your digital waiver without ever leaving your Facebook Page. When it’s time for them to check in at your facility, all you need to do is look them up by their last name in your Waiver Console and they’re off to their activity.

Check out our Support Page to learn how to set up the Facebook app.

Posted on February, 27 2014

Since introducing our full featured, easy to use REST API last summer, we’ve been thrilled to see how our customers are unlocking the data collected from their digital waivers. For the non programmer reading this, API  stands for Application Programming Interface - a set of rules that allows programmers to integrate web-based software, like Smartwaiver, with other applications your business might already be using, such as customer management and database systems.

Today we’re excited to announce that version 3 of our API is now available!

Here’s what we’ve added to the latest version - and not to worry, previous versions of the Smartwaiver API are still supported:

  • A new check-in API call which lets you import check-in information.
  • Ability to create as many Smartwaiver API keys as you like so you can enable and disable one or all at the same time. Useful for multiple integrations.
  • Webhooks now has an option for waivers that are completed online (not at your facility). Webhooks can now be fired either after the participant signs or after their email address is validated.

If all of this talk of APIs and integration is gibberish to you, be sure to forward the news on to your programmer so your business can take full advantage of the latest version.

If you have any questions or feedback about our API, please contact us. We love hearing how customers are integrating with Smartwaiver.

A full list of API calls and more details can be found on our API documentation page.

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