Posted on August 18, 2016


We’re excited to be exhibiting at the 4th annual International Association of Trampoline Parks Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this year. Since 2013, Smartwaiver has been a proud IATP member and are happy to support their mission. We're looking forward to reconnecting (in person) with our incredible trampoline park customers and industry leaders in just a few short weeks!

If you're in the area September 13-15, please stop by booth #49 to say hello!

Posted on July 18, 2016

One of the many benefits of using digital smart waivers is being able to show your customers that you're no longer operating in the past (using paper) and that you're hip to the ways of the future (going digital). Hand your customers a clipboard, paper and pen - you get funny looks and sneers. Direct them to a slick, modern, dedicated digital waiver signing station - you get approving nods and smiles (or at least not funny looks).

When you’re ready to set up your digital waiver Kiosk, Smartwaiver has a free app to use with either an iPad or Nexus tablet. The app locks down the dedicated device so your customers can only access the waiver you want them to sign. Cover up the home button with a beautiful enclosure and you're all set!

But what if you don't have an iPad or Nexus device and new hardware just isn't in the budget this year? No problem. You can still use Smartwaiver as a Kiosk - simply fire up that old, trusty laptop or computer that's been collecting dust in the storage room and use your waiver in a web browser. 

Here's how:  

Each time you create a new digital smart waiver in your account, two versions of the same waiver are created: (1) Web Version and (2) Kiosk Version. The only difference between the two is:

The Web Version: (placed on your website, or as a link in your emails)

  • Requires that a participant enter an email address on each waiver

The Kiosk Version: (used at your location)

  • Does not require an email address on the waiver
  • Automatically resets the confirmation screen 15 seconds after a waiver is signed and submitted.

When you download the free app on an iPad or Nexus tablet, the Kiosk Version will automatically be displayed when you log in with your Username and Password.

When you use a computer (without the app), you need to copy/paste the Kiosk Version URL into the address bar of the browser.

How to Get Your Kiosk Version URL

Because you’re not using the app, your computer will not automatically be locked down. We therefore recommend using a nifty third party Google Chrome Kiosk extension.

Get Kiosk for Chrome Extension

This extension will completely lock down your machine and actually require you to restart the computer in order to exit the waiver. The extension also disables your device’s sleep mode so the waiver will always appear on the screen.

Simply open up the extension settings and enter your Kiosk Version URL:

Kiosk For Chrome

That's it! You now have a Smartwaiver Kiosk running on your laptop or computer.


As always, let us know if you need any help setting things up or if you have any questions at all.

Important to note: Smartwaiver's patent-pending Auto Photo Capture feature will only work when using the Kiosk app on a tablet.

Posted on May 8, 2016


One of the best aspects of working at Smartwaiver is getting to know the thousands of incredible businesses and organizations that use our software. A majority of our customers are passionate, high energy, "make-it-happen" type of people that inspire us each and every day.

One such inspiring Smartwaiver customer is Team Rubicon, a non-profit organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Since 2010 Team Rubicon goes where they’re needed most - natural disaster areas. They’ve travelled all over the world to assist communities that have been affected by natural, calamitous events. One of their recent operations was in Smartwaiver’s home state of Oregon where they responded to massive flooding that forced many residents to evacuate their homes.

We love working with Team Rubicon and are extremely thankful for the good work they do.

We caught up with Pat Ross, Deputy Director of Membership to talk about their waiver signing process and how Smartwaiver helps to streamline that work. With 400 volunteer leaders and over 35,000 volunteers (and growing) using paper waivers in the field was not a viable option. Pat recalls what it was like prior to using Smartwaiver:

“Our team leaders would burn through ink cartridges and boxes of printer paper trying to keep up with the rapid flow of volunteers streaming into our field volunteer reception centers. Our members often paid out of pocket every time the printer ink well went dry.”

Pat went on to say, “Once the disaster response operation concluded, our team would then alphabetize the waivers (sometimes in the thousands), box them up, and ship them to our Headquarters in Los Angeles. Then, we'd re-file the waivers and pay a fee to house them safely.

At every point there was frustration:

"Why does the printer not work on this computer?”
"Which driver do we need to re-download?"
"Oh, great, no more ink."
"Awesome, who spilled coffee on the last box of printer paper?"
"I need to resign my waiver, I left my paperwork at home."
"How on earth are we ever going to organize thousands of waivers?"
“Where is so-and-so's waiver?  Let's just sift through this seeming endless pile of paper and hope we get lucky!"

After dealing with the frustration of paper waivers, Team Rubicon turned to Smartwaiver to simplify and centralize their waiver process. When volunteers arrive on the scene of a disaster they are ready to dive in and get to work. Having to spend time filling out paper documents isn’t ideal nor is it a good use of the volunteer’s valuable time. With Smartwaiver, Team Rubicon is able to create an unlimited number of waiver templates and then distribute the correct waiver in a dispatch email to the volunteers before they head to the disaster zone. This allows volunteers to get to their important work quickly!

If a volunteer does need to sign a waiver on site, or if a waiver is required by a homeowner, tablets and smartphones have replaced the clipboards in the field.


Team Rubicon
Houston residents Billy and Juan Velasco, a Vietnam Army veteran, drop by Team Rubicon's forward operating base to request assistance in the wake of severe flooding. TR member Beth Curry gathers their information utilizing Smartwaiver so a strike team of volunteers can be sent to the Velascos' property to clean up.

With Smartwaiver, the headache of having to deal with the massive amounts of paper waivers was eliminated. Once a waiver is filled out and submitted, the signed, legal document is stored in our redundant and encrypted data storage system. While the admin piece of Team Rubicon’s operations certainly isn’t glamorous, it is crucial. Team members can easily find a signed volunteer waiver in seconds by searching for last name or DOB.


The simplicity of the Smartwaiver platform makes it easy for every volunteer leader to use, regardless of their technical knowledge. And because volunteer data is securely stored for however long they need it, other departments at Team Rubicon are able to benefit as well. Whether it’s sending thank you cards or to follow up with past participants, the process has been made simpler.

Pat concludes, "Smartwaiver has greatly eased our “click to shovel” process and accelerated Team Rubicon’s ability to get to work.” 

Posted on April 18, 2016

USINDOORThis year we're excited to be attending the 16th annual USIndoor Facility Operators Conference in Las Vegas. We can't wait to meet some of our amazing indoor recreation customers and other industry leaders. 

If you're in the area May 2-5, please stop by booth #206 to say hello! 

Posted on February 13, 2016

Smartwaiver at Super Bowl 50

Smartwaiver has been a part of some pretty big events over the years; from high-profile national racing competitions, to collegiate sports championships, to the largest music festivals in the U.S.; we’ve handled it all.  A couple weeks ago we were thrilled to be on one of the largest stages in professional sports - Super Bowl 50!

Each year at the Super Bowl's host city, the Host Committee puts on a week-long, free-to-the-public fan event that leads up to the big game. This year Super Bowl City was set up as an interactive fan experience in downtown San Francisco designed to celebrate the milestone Super Bowl 50. Before fans were able to participate in the free activities, however, each participant was required to sign a release of liability waiver.  Of course, organizers of an event this size, being held in the epicenter of the tech industry, wouldn't think of using ineffectual and archaic tools like pen and paper to collect these waivers. That wouldn’t be very smart.

“Dozens of volunteers used tablets to gather digital smart waivers from fans as they entered the games and experiences,” said Chris Garrity, Head of Marketing and Innovation for the Super Bowl Host Committee. “It really sped up the process and throughput, helping us collect tens of thousands of legal digital documents in just over a week!”

Mr. Garrity went on to explain, “With over 100k fans in attendance at Super Bowl City, we needed a fast and reliable digital waiver solution to collect these releases. Smartwaiver was hands down the best solution out there. We knew that Smartwaiver had handled other high-profile events, including prior events for the NFL, so it was a no brainer to go with them. The service worked flawlessly.”

Smartwaiver’s CTO, Ted Knudsen, was the lucky one from the office who was able to attend the festivities this year and captured a few photos from the event.

Smartwaiver at Super Bowl 50

Can’t wait to be there next year!

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