Posted on June 14, 2013

Our waiver editing tool, the Smartwaiver Waiver Wizard, got a facelift this week. We tightened up the look and rearranged some of the questions within the Wizard to create a more user friendly experience. We like to think it was easy to use before these changes but now we consider the Waiver Wizard super easy to use. The new look is below.

Waiver Wizard


We also added a few more tools to the Wizard that will help you customize your digital waiver.

Redirect URLs – After a participant signs and submits your waiver, you can send them directly to any website you wish.
Learn how to set it up

Date of Signing – Add a date field to the body of your waiver so that when participants read the waiver language, the current date will appear wherever you’d like it to appear in your waiver.
Learn how to add it

Background Color Customization – Use a Smartwaiver default color theme or choose your own custom colors to alter the look of the background of your digital waivers.
Learn how to use it

Posted on June 10, 2013

At Smartwaiver we’re all about making things simple to use. So when our customers reached out to let us know they would love a simple way to track how many people are participating in their activity on a daily basis we sprung to action and created a one-click check-in tool. Can’t get much simpler than one click.

How it Works:
After a participant signs and submits a digital waiver, the information is instantly viewable in the Waiver Console. When the participant approaches the front desk, a staff member can then search for the participant’s name in the Console and simply check a box to indicate that they have checked in.  A tally of check-ins will appear at the top of the screen to let you know how many participants you’ve had on that day.


You can also view an easy-to-read monthly chart of daily check-ins from your Account Settings.



Simplicity at its finest.

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