Posted on January 29, 2014

Smartwaiver Certificate of Authenticity

Every online liability waiver signed with Smartwaiver now includes a Certificate of Authenticity shown at the top of the signed PDF. This provides an easy way for all parties to the agreement to verify that the PDF document has not been modified and is in its original format. We like to think of it as a “tamper proof label” for your digital documents.  

Now both the activity operator and the activity participant can rest assured that they are looking at the original signed document.

Of course if you’re viewing the signed PDF document from your Smartwaiver account in the Waiver Console you won't need to verify the authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity is just a handy way for all other parties to confirm they are viewing the original document.  

Posted on January 14, 2014

Smartwaiver users can now manage their digital waivers on the go from their tablet with the Smartwaiver Waiver Console app for iOS and Android - available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Smartwaiver Waiver Console App

The app includes most of the easy-to-use features you’ll find in the desktop version of the Waiver Console, including:

- Search for customer waivers by Last Name, Birthday or Tag that you assign to the waiver
- View detailed information about each participant waiver
- Send reminder emails to customers who have not yet confirmed their email addresses
- Check-in participants
- Assign Tags to the waiver
- Delete waivers from the Waiver Console
- Take photos of participants from your device and attach them to the waiver
- Smart Trends reporting

Now whether you’re behind the front desk or nowhere near it, you can use Smartwaiver to manage the digital waivers your participants have signed.

     Smartwaiver Waiver Console on Google Play

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