Posted on May 12, 2018

We're excited to announce the release of our Emma email integration!

Emma and Smartwaiver

Emma's email marketing platform makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create and collaborate on beautiful campaigns across all departments or locations, delivering a seamless brand experience that increases engagement and drives more revenue from email.

The Smartwaiver integration automatically transfers participant contact information into your Emma email list. So each time a customer signs your digital waiver and “opts-in” to your email list from the waiver, that customer’s name and email address are automatically added to your Emma account, ready for your next email campaign. Super simple!

Check out our Support Pages for information on how to set it up.

Posted on July 3, 2017

This week, we’re celebrating an exciting milestone – 25,000,000 digital smart waivers have been signed and securely stored with Smartwaiver!

25 million smart waivers


A big ‘THANK YOU’ to our thousands of Smartwaiver users for getting us to this 25M mark. Keep sending us your feedback and we’ll continue to develop new and innovative tools to help streamline your operations while helping to protect your business. 

The Smartwaiver Team

Posted on April 17, 2017

Today we released another update to the Smartwaiver Kiosk app. Version 2.0 is now available for your iPad or Android (Samsung) device!  With this update, we’ve laid the foundation to crank out some very cool features in the near future (more to come there) so we encourage everyone to grab the latest version.

If you have a Smartwaiver Kiosk set up already
When you update the app on your device, your Kiosk will be automatically "registered" with your Smartwaiver account.

If you're setting up your Smartwaiver Kiosk for the first time
After downloading the app on your device, you'll see a Registration Code on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions on your device or check out our Support Page for iPad or Android to complete the registration process. 

Once your Kiosk is registered and synced up with your Smartwaiver account,  you'll notice a new layout to help manage your Kiosks more efficiently in your Account Settings.

From Account Settings --> Manage Kiosks, Admins of the account will also be able to:

  • Register, deregister and rename Kiosks
  • Enable/Disable Auto Photo Capture
  • Choose which waiver to show on specific Kiosks
  • Set an Inactivity Timeout on a specific Kiosk

Smartwaiver Kiosk App Version 2.0

To start using the latest version of the Smartwaiver Kiosk app, simply install from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


   Download on the App Store   Google Play Store


Check out our Support Page for iPad or Android for more info, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions.


Posted on March 5, 2017

Since we introduced Smartwaiver’s open API with support for webhooks, developers (and tech savvy non-developer superheroes) have been creating some pretty awesome Smartwaiver integrations. For those unfamiliar, a webhook is simply a way to take the data collected from Smartwaiver and send it to another web application that you use for your business, like a CRM.

Until now, webhooks could only be used with Smartwaiver on an Account Level, which meant that if you had more than one waiver in your Smartwaiver account, all of the data from those multiple waivers would need to be sent to just one specific webhook endpoint.

Account Level

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of Waiver Level Webhooks. With Waiver Level Webhooks, developers can now create a dedicated webhook endpoint for individual waivers within the same account (Note: If Waiver Level Webhooks are enabled, they will override your Account Level Webhook endpoint)  This should be especially useful for organizations that manage numerous locations or activities which have their own waivers (and unique customers).

Waiver Level Webhook

If you’re a developer (or have developer-like skills) and would like to use a Waiver Level Webhook, please send an email to: and we'll be happy to enable your account.

Posted on March 1, 2017

As you’ve probably read in the news, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a major and extremely rare service disruption yesterday morning for about 4 hours. This caused the Smartwaiver service to go offline.

AWS is the cloud computing provider that Smartwaiver and thousands of companies rely on to host their web services. Companies like Netflix, MailChimp, Slack and even the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website were all affected - so it was a pretty big deal. 

At approximately 1:50pm (PST), AWS services were restored and Smartwaiver was back online.

The primary reason Smartwaiver and so many reputable companies around the world use AWS cloud service is for their extremely high uptime. What happened yesterday was definitely uncommon which is why Smartwaiver is able to provide reliable digital waiver service 99.99% of the time.

Amazon has not yet specified what caused the S3 storage system issue but has stated that they believe they understand the root cause. You can rest assured that while AWS was down, your customer data and signed waivers were always safe in our secure, redundant storage system.

Thanks for hanging in there yesterday and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.