Posted on November 27, 2018

If you’ve ever worked at a facility that accommodates parties or large groups, you probably know what a pain it can be to check everyone in when they don’t have a waiver already signed; the front desk backs up, the party is usually delayed, birthday party parents start getting agitated. It’s no fun!

Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature called Smartwaiver Events that can help alleviate some of that pain.

With Smartwaiver Events, participants of specific events can complete online waivers from a dedicated event link that a Smartwaiver Admin or an Event Manager provides. All signed documents that originate from this dedicated event link will be automatically attached to the event in Smartwaiver, helping you keep track of who signed and when.

Smartwaiver Events

Staff and Event Managers can easily view which participants have completed the required documents and resend the dedicated event link to those that haven’t - increasing the likelihood that everyone shows up to the party with their waiver signed! 

Smartwaiver Events


For details on how the Events feature works, check out the Events Support Page.


We’ve released this feature in “public beta”; meaning we'd love your feedback so we can continue to refine the functionality. Please let us know what you think!


Posted on July 16, 2018

We’ve just added a new way for your customers to sign your legal documents. Before today, all participants completing your smart waiver were required to draw their signature and/or initials with a mouse or with their finger on a mobile device. 

You now have a few more options on how your participants can sign. 

1) Continue to Require Drawing 
2) Require Typing
3) Participants can choose Typing or Drawing (Drawing default)
4) Participants can choose Typing or Drawing (Typing default) - shown below

All of your waivers will continue to default to Drawing unless you specify otherwise.

To learn how to change your signatures/initials settings on your waiver, check out our Support Page.


Reminder: It's always a good idea to check with your attorney or insurance company before making changes to your waiver.




Posted on July 10, 2018

No Internet? No problem.  Offline waivers are here!

We recently released an update to the Smartwaiver Kiosk app for iOS devices. This latest version is not only faster and more robust online, you can now take your Smartwaiver Kiosk offline too.  If you have iOS version 10.3 or greater on your iPad you can install the updated app and use Smartwaiver - even when an internet connection is unavailable. 

(For those that don't need offline capabilities, we strongly encourage you to grab the latest version as well.)

Smartwaiver Offline Waiver

Start Using Offline Waivers 
Install the latest version of the Smartwaiver Kiosk app for iOS and follow the steps below to start using offline waivers today!

Note: This latest release requires iOS version 10.3 or greater. Before installing, be sure that your iPad is able to update to this version.

How to Set up Offline Waivers
After installing the latest version of the Kiosk app on your iPad, you’ll need to enable the offline feature from your account. If your iPad has already been registered with your Smartwaiver account, depending on your model, you may be asked to re-register your device. 

  1. Log in to your Smartwaiver account from your desktop computer:
  2. Click on your Username --> Account Settings --> Manage Kiosks
  3. Click on the Kiosk name
  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to Offline Collection Limit. This is the maximum number of offline waivers you would like to collect on your device when an internet connection is not found. The default limit is set to: "No Offline Waivers". To enable the offline feature, simply toggle down to the number of offline waivers you'd like to temporarily store on your device.
  5. Next, create an Admin Passcode. This is a four digit code that the Smartwaiver Admin will use to access your offline waivers from your device.
  6. Launch your smart waiver from your iPad.

You’re all set! Your smart waiver will appear on your device as it did before, with two small additions:

You’ll now see:

  • An online indicator on the lower left of the screen 
    - When the indicator is GREEN your device has an internet connection.
    - When the indicator is RED your device is offline.

    Green Light

  • A padlock icon on the lower right of the screen
    Clicking on this icon will ask for the Admin Passcode you set up in Step 5 above.  


When the correct Admin Passcode is entered, you will see 3 tabs on the bottom of the screen: 


1) My Templates Tab
Shows the waivers that can be displayed on your device.


2) Offline Waivers Tab
Shows the participants that have signed your waiver on your device in offline mode. Any participant you see here has NOT been uploaded to your Smartwaiver account. Once an internet connection is established, these offline waivers will be instantly sent to your Smartwaiver account in the cloud and will appear in your Waiver Console.   

Offline Waivers Tab


A red circle with a zero next to the sync icon indicates that the offline waiver has not been synced with another device and the waiver exists ONLY on this device.

Red Circle

A green circle with a number next to the sync icon indicates that the offline waiver has been synced with another device and the waiver has been copied.

Green Circle

Tapping on the participant’s name will show the waiver that was signed.

Offline Waivers


3) Devices Tab
Setting up multiple Apple devices on your account (e.g. iPad → iPhone) will enable offline waivers to sync with each other using Apple’s WiFi Direct feature. This screen will show you the devices that are synced with your primary device.



We’re really excited about this Offline Mode feature. We know how important it is to keep the lines flowing when the internet goes down and that not all businesses operate in areas with reliable data connections. 

Please let us know what you think.

For troubleshooting tips and an FAQ, please visit our Offline Mode Support Page.





Posted on May 12, 2018

We're excited to announce the release of our Emma email integration!

Emma and Smartwaiver

Emma's email marketing platform makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create and collaborate on beautiful campaigns across all departments or locations, delivering a seamless brand experience that increases engagement and drives more revenue from email.

The Smartwaiver integration automatically transfers participant contact information into your Emma email list. So each time a customer signs your digital waiver and “opts-in” to your email list from the waiver, that customer’s name and email address are automatically added to your Emma account, ready for your next email campaign. Super simple!

Check out our Support Pages for information on how to set it up.

Posted on November 2, 2015

We know what a pain it can be to run a business using multiple software programs. When applications don’t talk to each other, you end up spending way too much time re-entering data into different systems. That’s why we released the Smartwaiver API two years ago. The open API seamlessly connects the waiver signing process with applications your business is already using. A number of developers and CRMs have already integrated Smartwaiver’s API which is helping businesses run their back-end operations more efficiently. Today we’re pleased to announce Autofill, a nifty, time-saving feature for customers on the front-end.

By adding a simple query string to the end of your waiver’s URL your developer can easily set up a process that pre-populates or “Autofills” the participant’s Full Name, Date of Birth and even a tag (if you’re using one).

So now when a customer completes a form with your web-based CRM or POS (e.g: a registration or billing form) and then needs to complete a smart waiver as part of the sign-up process, their name and DOB can be easily passed on to the waiver.

You simply take your existing waiver URL, for example: and then append the below in red:


When a customer clicks on the full URL, the fields on the waiver will automatically populate:


We built this new API feature based on your direct feedback. We hope it saves you and your customers a little time. If you have any suggestions on how to make the signing process even simpler, please get in touch and let us know your thoughts.