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New Feature: Participant Level Questions

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No two release of liability waivers are the same. One business may have a waiver that requires nothing more than a paragraph of legal text, a name, date of birth and a signature. Another may have a waiver that requires pages of text, multiple initials/signatures and a series of customized questions. That’s why it’s important to find an electronic waiver solution that can convert your unique paper waiver into a customized, interactive document that is identical to the waiver your lawyer so carefully crafted for you.

With Smartwaiver you have always been able to create customized questions specific to your business. Now you can present those questions on the “Participant Level”.  In other words, if your business allows multiple participants (one adult plus minors) on a single waiver you can now present questions that each participant must answer – not just the adult on the waiver.

A few examples of how businesses might use Participant Level questions include:

  • A rafting company that needs to know each rafter’s water experience.
  • A skydiving company that needs to know each jumper’s weight.
  • A tour company that needs to know each participant’s dietary restrictions.

To set up Participant Level questions, simply select the Participant Info tab in the Waiver Wizard and add Standard or Custom questions.


When the Waiver Can Include Minors box is checked, the questions you add in this tab will be asked of each participant on the waiver.


To learn more check out our Support Pages.


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