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Smartwaiver Tips for the Holiday Rush

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For many Smartwaiver customers, winter break is not really a break at all but one of the busiest times of the year; a time when vacationing kids and parents flock to activity-based businesses looking for fun things to do during their time off.

If you’re one of those businesses, be prepared for the influx of customers this holiday season with these Smartwaiver tips:

Put Your Waiver On The Interwebs
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When you send out those promotional holiday emails, posts and tweets to your customers, don’t forget to include the link to your smart waiver.  Your customers will appreciate being able to fill out their waiver ahead of time, and you’ll appreciate having the waiver on file when they get to your location. Simply look them up in your Waiver Console by last name, check them in and they’re off!

Add a Scannable Barcode
Smartwaiver Tips for the Holiday Rush
If you have a 2-D scanner handy at the front desk, speed up the check-in process by setting up a barcode on the confirmation email. Customers that sign the waiver from home can simply present the confirmation email on their smartphone when they arrive. Scan the barcode on the email and they’re automatically checked-in.

Add More Kiosks
Smartwaiver Tips for the Holiday Rush

Avoid the potential for long queues by setting up an extra kiosk or two in your lobby. If you have a spare tablet from home or even a laptop lying around in the back room, you can set them up with your smart waiver to help with the lines that might form during busy times.

Temporarily Upgrade Your Service Plan
Smartwaiver Tips for the Holiday Rush

If you’re getting close to your allotted signed waiver limit you can easily upgrade your plan at any time and then switch back to your old plan when things slow down. Your bill will be prorated when you move your plan up and down. 

Here's to a busy, prosperous and streamlined holiday season for all!


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