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Customers Can Sign Before They Arrive

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It’s well known that the key to any successful business is acquiring and retaining happy customers. Companies that focus on innovation and continually improve the customer experience will always end up on top.  So how can you make a customer happy when they’re signing a release of liability waiver? You ensure the process is as easy and convenient as possible, of course. This means giving folks the option to fill out your digital waiver when it’s convenient for them – from home, on the road or wherever they have an internet connection – so they have more time to enjoy themselves on the day of their activity.

Below are four super simple ways to get your digital waiver out to your customers before they get to your location:


1. Add the Smartwaiver Waiver Widget to your website 
Participants can now fill out your digital waiver directly from your site, without ever leaving your website. Learn How

2. Create a customized web button and place it on your website 
No Photoshop required. Now you can simply use the Smartwaiver web button generator and place the code on your site. Learn How

3. Create a web link and send it via email
Easily generate a link to your waiver and copy and paste it in an email.
Learn How

4. Add a link on your social media pages
Share your waiver with your social networks.
Learn How

So now, when your happy customers show up to play at your facility, you simply ask for their name (or use a 2D Barcode Imager), look them up in the Waiver Console to confirm their waiver has been submitted and off they go.


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