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New Features: Notes and Custom Flag

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Since introducing our Flag feature, customers have loved being able to know which participants might need some extra attention before they check in to their activity. A number of you have asked for a way in which to add notes or "flag" a participant after they sign the waiver too. With our latest release we’ve added two new features that allow you to do just that.

With Notes you can now add comments next to a participant's name in your Waiver Console. This is handy for front line staff checking in a customer who has already signed your digital waiver. In Notes you can add reminders about special needs the participant may have for their next visit or maybe just give your co-worker a head’s up about the participant’s status, e.g.,  “Participant is the boss’ cousin. Be extra nice!”


Custom Flag
Like Notes, the new Custom Flag feature is an easy way to bring special attention to a participant after they sign your waiver. So if you discover something about the participant that’s worth "flagging" after they check-in (e.g., passing a certification test) you can simply click on the blue flag icon which will then appear next to their name in your Waiver Console.


Support Pages
Learn more about Notes 
Learn more about Custom Flag


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