Kiosk Stand That We Recommend
Daryl McCarl 05/29/2014

Because signing your digital waiver is often one of the first interactions a new customer has with your business, the hardware you use for your Smartwaiver Kiosk can help create a positive first impression of your operation. For this reason it's important to use a tablet stand and enclosure that matches the quality of your business.

So we've partnered up with Macklocks to bring Smartwaiver customers an exclusive 20% off discount on all of their high quality stands and stand accessories. 

We Recommend
If you're placing your Smartwaiver Kiosk on a countertop we recommend the Maclocks Space 360


Reasons we LOVE this kiosk stand:
- Made from high grade aluminum
- Home button cover included
- Pinhole for the camera to allow use of Smartwaiver Auto Photo Capture
- Ability to secure the stand directly into the counter 
- Compatible with iPad 4, Air and Mini
- Easy to use with a wireless blue tooth enabled keyboard (sold separately)*
- Unlimited tilting capabilities
- Most affordable, high quality stand on the market

Buy online and use Coupon Code: Smart20 to receive 20% off along with free shipping!

* We recommend using a bluetooth enabled keyboard to help your customers complete the waiver more quickly.

Custom Stand
Of course if you happen to have a talented woodworker on your staff, like our friends at Zion Mountain School, you can always create a custom stand that really matches your business!