Smartwaiver Events Feature Updated
Daryl McCarl 03/06/2019

A BIG thank you to all the users who reached out with feedback on the newly released Smartwaiver Events feature. With your help, we’ve refined some functionality over the last couple of months and added a few extra components that will help you and your team easily keep track of signed event waivers.

Some of the new functionality includes:

New Naming Format for Participants

When setting up your Event, you can now choose how to display a participant’s name when the Event Manager is viewing the participant list.

Support for Multiple Paragraphs in Event Description

You can now add more than one paragraph in the description field.

Event End Dates

If you’re hosting a multi-day event, you can now add start and end dates.

Print/Export Event Participant Information

You’ll see two new links above the Event Participants list: Print and Export as CSV.

Staff User Access to Events

The Events feature can now be accessed by Staff Users as well as Admins. Go to Account Settings → My Profile → Staff Users to set up the appropriate access level.

Event Location

You can now add a location to your event description.

Customize your Contact Information

From your Account Settings, you can now add a Business Profile that will be shown to the Event Manager as a primary contact information. This contact information is shown on the Invite Email the Event Manager receives when the Event is set up.

Go to: Account Settings → My Profile → Business Profile This information will be displayed on the Manager Invite Email as shown below: Check out the Smartwaiver Events Support Page for more information on this feature and as always, please let us know if you have any questions!