Offline Access with the Smartwaiver Android Kiosk App
We're excited to announce that offline for Android is now available in the Google Play Store!
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Announcing Smartwaiver Certificate of Authenticity
Every online liability waiver signed with Smartwaiver now includes a Certificate of Authenticity shown at the top of the signed PDF.
Smartwaiver Waiver Console Apps Are Here
Smartwaiver users can now manage their digital waivers on the go from their tablet with the Smartwaiver Waiver Console app for iOS and Android - available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
4 Ways to Spruce up Your Digital Waiver
Until recently not much thought has been given to what a liability waiver should look like or how the entire waiver signing process affects the participant’s perception of a business.
New Key Tag Check-In
Just about everyone carries around a plastic key tag on their keychains these days.
Who Participates in Your Activities and When?
Most businesses realize the importance of knowing who their customers are – their age, gender, zip code, etc.
Use Smart Fill With Your POS and CRM
Now that you’re collecting liability waivers with Smartwaiver, why not make those shiny, new, smart digital waivers work for you?

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